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About SJSON Associate of Science in Nursing Program

St. Joseph School of Nursing offers you the opportunity to become a professional nurse with a 2-year Associate’s degree. Our faculty provides a wealth of academic and clinical experiences to enhance your education. Clinical affiliations include St. Joseph Hospital, Catholic Medical Center, and long-term care facilities. Come join this fast-paced, comprehensive program and become the nurse you always wanted to be.

Present enrollment in the Associate of Science in Nursing program is approximately 100 students in the freshmen and sophomore classes. 

Mission Statement: 

The mission of St. Joseph Hospital is:  We are a Catholic health ministry providing healing and care for the whole person in service to all our communities.

The mission of SJSON reflects the mission of St. Joseph Hospital:  As part of a Catholic health ministry, our mission is to educate students, allowing them to go forth and provide healing and care for the whole person, in service to all in our communities. 

Nursing Program Philosphy:

SJSON is guided by a philosophy which advocates caring social responsibility and service to those in need, utilizing Kristen Swanson’s Theory of Caring as a framework for the provision of nursing care.

  • Faculty views nursing as an art and science of reflective practice in caring for clients in vulnerable populations across the lifespan.
  • Faculty believes nursing is a profession that values the acquisition and application of evidence-based knowledge and clinical reasoning skills to ensure quality and safe clientcentered care.
  • Faculty views students as holistic individuals who bring unique qualities that contribute to the strength and diversity of the program.
  • Faculty endeavors to ensure that student services consistently promote achievement of student learner outcomes.
  • Faculty prepares students to enter the profession as entry-level practitioners who integrate theory and research into their practice and use critical reasoning skills to deliver holistic care.
  • Faculty advocates for the rights and responsibilities of clients and families to participate collaboratively with the nurse and other members of the healthcare team.
  • Faculty believes that nurses are professionals who must be prepared to work with those whose beliefs might be different from their own because society is made up of different religious, ethnic, and cultural groups.
  • Faculty views education as a dynamic, interactive, and life-long inter-professional, learning process.