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FAQ regarding Board of Nursing Status 

1. What does being on probation mean? 

The school is still approved by the NH Board of Nursing. The status with the NHBON is officially listed as: Approved – On Probation. The school has one year to work on improving our NCLEX pass rates. The NCLEX pass rate for our most recent graduating class is 79.1%. The national average was 88%. 

2. Is the school still accredited?
Yes, the school is accredited by ACCSC and ACEN.

3. What is the school doing to help improve the NCLEX pass rate? 
The school… 

  • had an independent educational consulting group review the curriculum
  • raised the entrance requirements 
  • made significant changes to the following policies: 

Attendance/Absenteeism/Tardiness Policy
to clarify the process and consequences of excessive absenteeism 

Grading Policy
now ensures that students are maintaining a passing grade on exams and are ready to pass the NCLEX exam 

Academic Probation Policy
ensures that students are offered opportunities for assistance in order to help them progress

For more details on school policies, see the Student Catalog/Handbook 

  • added tools and services to enhance student learning experience
  • is offering a mandatory, free First Year Seminar for incoming students which focuses on the cultivation of skills and behaviors necessary for both college and career success. 

4. What can students do to help themselves succeed?

  • Be committed 
  • Cut back work hours to focus on school and study
  • Seek help from their advisor and/or instructor in a timely manner 
  • Utilize all resources available 
  • Take time to go over lecture notes and chapters before and/or after class 
  • Be prepared for and participate in class 
  • Allow plenty of time to study 
  • If you are unsure, ask questions

5. What resources are available to students? 

  • Academic Advisors
  • Lippincott Course Point
  • Librarian
  • PrepU
  • Writing Center
  • Well Connect - Free 24/7 Resource
  • ATI Resource Modules
  • Food Pantry
  • NCLEX Review Week
  • Mission Integration
  • Career Guidance
  • Academic & Skills Remediation